Orangutan facts

Orangutans mean "wild man.'' There are two types of orangutans. The Sumatran orangutans who live on the island of Sumatra and the Borean orangutans that live on the island of Bornea. Many people think that orangutans are monkeys, but they are apes. Because they are so extict they have a diet which includes fruit, vegetation, honey, insects, bark, and even bird eggs.

Baby Orangutans

Pregnancy usually lasts 8 to 9 months. When the infant is born it clings to its mother's fur almost right away. It stays like that for the first four years of its life. When the baby turns four it is taught by its mother to eat the right foods and stay away from the wrong food that can easily make you very sick or die.


Orangutans and Humans

97% of the orangutans' DNA is shared with humans. They can also walk on two feet, eat with thier hands, and much more.


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