fcub.jpgbaby lion laying in its cage in the green bay WI zoo
. this is the source where i got it of the baby lion.

  • the lion is a member of the cat family and shares many traits with this family.
  • the body is very muscular and has less bone mass than other of comparable size.
  • the cat has great strenght and four body witch is its chest.
  • the lion is a diligent walker.
  • they mark there teritory by mean this is were i found the facts.
The eyes are proportinately larger than in other comparable-sized animals, and posess round pupils. Lions, like most cats, are visual animals. The eyes are also well-adapted for use under very low light. This helps the lion hunt at night. Contrtry to popular notion, a lion's eyes do not glow in the dark, but they contain a special reflective coating that will reflect even moonlight. This coating increses the lion's visual acuity in very low light by ensuring that every possible photon of light makes it to the cells in the retina. Their eyes are effective even by starlight. A white circle just below the eyes helps reflect light into the eyes to further improve night vision.

sahawii name:simba
sientific name:pathera leo
size:48 inches high
weight:330-500 pounds
life spand :13 in capacity
gestation:about 500 days
habitat:grassy planes and woodlands