Dogs of the World
My page is about many different types of dogs. How strong they are,their size, how many puppies a mom can have in that breed , what's the average number of puppies a mom can have in that breed ,what they look like, how much energy they have , their history ,what their name means , how much they shed,if their breed is a hunts and if so what do they do when they find prey, and how big of a space they should live in. You will also learn what a puppy mill is and different words.
Dalmatians: Dalmatians have black or brown spots on a white coat(My dalmatian, Hailey had black spots). They are strong, muscular , and large dogs. Pupppies don't have spots untill they are 3-6 weeks old. They can have up to 15 puppies but this is very uncommon.Because they are white most people think this relate to deafness but only 10-12% are born deaf. They live usually live about 10- 12 years,(I had a dalmatian and she died at the age of 12). They shed a medium amount of hair , probably not as much as a black lab but more than a beagle.They are very energetic and need to be taken on a long walk each day. Their backyard should be well sized so they can run around . They are very active indoors, so a apartment is not the best living spot for them..Some history about dalmatians is, they were firedogs always helping clear the streets for the Clydesdale horses and keeping the horses calm by running next to the them or under the horse-drawn carriages. A nickname they have is Dal. My Dalmatian was very intelligent, you had to spell walk so she wouldn't go berserk (crazy) and get all tired out before we went for one. My dad is a fireman so we have a photo of him all geared up and him holding her in front of a Antigo fire truck.

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Black Labs:Black Labs are currently the most popular dog in the US and world. They have black noses,ears,paws,legs,and a black body.Their double coat is smooth and does not have any waves. Thier coat is easy to groom. They are average shedders. They usually live 10-12 years. They neeed a long walk each day. They need a well sized yard at least ,they are also pretty active inside.They can have up to 12 puppies but the average they have is 6 puppies. Another facter that varies how many puppies they have is how big the dog is. The color of the lab however does not vary how many puppies they can have. Certain males can weigh up to 100 pounds! Females usually weigh less than the males( not always though, I had a black lab and she was around 100 pounds). They are easily trained. They were once known as "St. John's Dogs." They use to work with fishermen , helping them by jumping into the icy cold water to help pull up the nets and by catching the fish that got loose from the nets. In the 1800's specimens were brought to England by English ships coming from Labardor. They are not only great companions but they are also good at hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdog, policework, narotics detection, guide for the blind, service dog for the disabled, serach and rescue, sledding, carting, agility, field trial competitor, and competitive obedience. Black Labs are very kind and accepting, my dalmatian and black lab(Brea was her name) are best friends and they accepted me a little while after I came home, so did my medium-longhair part angora cat, Korbel.
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Beagles:Beagles are loving, caring , and gentle. As you can tell , by the pictures, beagles are all unique and have different coloring. The different colors they have are black , brown, and white.They can have 2-14 puppies in a litter , 7 is the average. They usually live 12-15 years. They also need a walk each day. A beagle should have a fenced in area because they are known to run away , maybe not on purpose just following a trail of interesting smells( I have a mixed beagle breed and she loves to sniff, we have to keep her on a leash otherwise she would run away.She also manages to get off her leash and we end up chasing her , sometimes all the way to Dairy Queen). They also like to romp around, so a well sized yard is very much appreciated. Their shot-haired coat is easy to look after . They are also average sheddars. The first beagles go all the way back to the 1500's. They would be taken out by English hunters in packs (groups) to hunt: (tracking) rabbits, hare, pheasant, quail, and other small animals. The breed was probably crossbreed with a Harrier and different breeds of English hounds. A beagle can hunt by itself or in packs.After they find their prey, they will point for awhile and then, they will sprint after it hoping they will catch it. They have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Their name might have come from the French word "be'geule," which means "gape throat" which refers to theirbaying voice. Their name might have also come from the Beagle's size , coming from the French word "beigh," "begele," the Old English word. It also could have come from the Celtic word "beag," which means small. The beagle also is excellent at narcotics dectection dog and they also make a fine family companion.
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Beagle pointing.

Beagle doing an agility course. Notice how the director ( person who runs with the dog) tells the dog where to go.

Beagle Baying.

Weimaraner: Weimaraners come in two colors blue and silver. Weimaraner's eyes are a baby blue when they are born but as they grow up they turn a yellowish color.When Weimariners are puppies their tails are usually cut at the age of only five days old so their tails don't get caught or/and hurt on trees and other plants.A weimaraner mom can have up to 15 puppies, the average they have is 8 puppies. Their nickname is the The Silver or Gray Ghost because of the color of the their coat and and it's ability to be quick, using an almost cat-like stealth(sneaky) while in the field, combine with a silent, almost shadow-like way of working.Their name can be shortened to Weim. They are awesome with kids, pretty easy to train, are very smart, don't shed that much, and they are also pretty good at agility. They are also pretty good at being a guard dog and watch dog. They are pretty big dogs and they can knock you over ( my two Weims have knocked me over once in a while and have been pretty close to knocking me over a lot of times, they don't mean to but they are just so big)! They are popular show dogs and agility dogs but other than that I'd say I have not seen a lot in real life ( not on a electronic device) , other than mine. They love to hunt anything! They can be energetic but not necessarily, I have an energetic silver weim named Chloe and a more slow moving blue weim named Zoe. Weimaraners are farily new , the first written history about them is around 1880. When they were first showed at a Berlin,Germany dog show, they were known as "I'mongrels." At that time the Grand Duke, Karl Augest of Weimar (Germany) wanted to develop a multipurpose dog. It's said that he uses a lot of different dog breeds to get what he wanted, a dog with the agility to work fast, efficiency, and with endurance. As of 1895 the weimaraner was still not a seperate breed but in 1896 the delegate commission finally decided that weims were a individual breed but not until a good amount of evidence was shown. After this change they were no longer known as the "I'mongrels." Meanwhile the German Weimaraner Club had began by a few beginner sportsmen. They wanted to breed Weims for sports only not for profit (money). Because of this a rule was made that no one was allowed to buy a Weimaraner without being a member of the club. In 1929, Howard Knight, of Province, RI (USA), was allowed to bring back two Weimaraners partly because he had became a member of the club. Howard Knight was a big part in founding the Weimaraner Club of America. When many soldiers came home from World War II they told stories of the Weimaraner, calling it a wonderful, strangely colored dog. When more people knew about the Weimaraner, many more wanted this Wonder Dog. The 1950's were great to the dog and did not destroy it. It's said that,"The hyperbole that made the breed famous was unable to live up to by the best bred dogs and the mass-produced stock, from puppy mills barely qualified (accepted) as good companions." Hyperbole- exaggerating or emphasis, ( saying how beautiful and athletic Weimaraners are but over doing it and then they aren't as satisfied because the Weimaraner isn't as good as they said it was), ex) They're faster than the speed of light. Puppy mills- a puppy mills is where bad people breed dogs for profit only and don't care about their health, maybe three dogs crammed into a small cage that's not sheltered from wind, snow,rain, hail, and all different types of weather. Barely fed and have little water and often dirty water. In some states they are banned but in others they are legal. All different types of dogs are in puppy mills not only Weimaraners. This magnificent hunting and companion dog's breeders have struggled since that time to recover the Weimaraner. Weims also point after finding prey.

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A silver weimaraner is showed above, you can't tell but it has yellowish eyes.

Below is a blue weimaraner also with yellowish eyes.
external image What_you_say_Mom.JPG Silver weimaraner with baby blue eyes is shown below.
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If you were to look up Weimaraners in dog shows ( dog shows are not agility courses which is above instead it's like the bottom two pictures of the beagles shwon above) you will find that there are no blue weimaraners doing the competitions this is because there is a rule aganist that they are not allowed to compete because they would autmactically win because they are so beautiful so, the judges would pick them. This means you would only find silver weinaraners that is also why they are more popular than the blue weimaraner.

Weimaraner at a harder level, agility couse.

Many people paint Weimaraners beacause they are so beautiful and unique.
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Another painted picture of a silver Weimaraner. Some artists that paint weims become famous because their paintings look so much like a real weim.
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I didn't get this picture when I first saw it but then a little later my own weims showed me what it meant, it means weims are just like each other and mimic what the other one does. See what had happened was, both of my dogs stretched at the same time but opposite side of each other , so they were facing each other (kind of like this picture). Meanwhile I was thinking what this picture meant and then it hit me and I realized what it meant. And now I like this picture a lot. (This picture is a lot like abstract art.)
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Weimaraner pointing.

Dachshund: Dachshunds have long backs and tails and short legs. They have normal sized ears and a longer snout on a smaller head. The colors they come in are red,black and tan,chocolate,wild boar,gray and fawn,and dapple .Dachshunds are born curious and are naturally bursting with energy, especially when they are little. While sometimes they might just want to curl up with you. As dachshunds get older those crazy antics slow down a bit but they still have and always will have their unique edge that makes them special than other dogs.They were bred to hunt and their name came from what they are best at hunting, Dachshund means,"badger," because they would go into badger of fox dens and chase them out so hunters could kill them. Not many do this any more. A mom can have from 3-4 puppies and the average is two. A Dachshund can live up to 15 years. There are three different types of coats a dachshund can have: smooth,wirehaired,and long. They don't need to be groomed much and don't shed much either. A standard dachshund(not mini dachshunds) weigh 16 pounds. They're the 16th most popular dog in the USA. They bark a lot! So living in a apartment with a dachshund would probably not go smoothly with your neighbors. They need to be exercised and kept on a diet if they get fat otherwise they'll get sick and they will have back problems.You probably don't need a big backyard if you walk them regularly, if you have a fenced in yard you may want to watch them because they sometimes run away while chasing a bird.They are spunky and fearless scent hounds. They are great companions and are happiest when they are with people.
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Amber, a dachshund in a nearby shelter that needs a loving and caring home.

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