Things about Cats

There is a lot of different cat breeds in the world. On this page there will be a list of a few of them and facts about those breeds.

Aegean Cats:
The beginning of this breed was in the 1990's. It is native to the Cycladic Islands in Greece. It is one of the most rare cat breeds found in Greece. This cat is a medium-sized cat. The cats fur is long and white. But they may be found with spots of red, cream, black, and sometimes even blue. It has a long tail and it's eyes are often found to be green.
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The American Curl Cat:
This cats ears somewhat fit the cats discription: unusual ears that curl back toward the head of the cat. This cat originated from Lakewood, California. It is a medium-sized cat that does not reach muturity until it is about 2-3 years old. Their fur coats can be long or short. The cats ears are very fragile and need to be cleaned routinely. If they are not, they may get infected.
Dragon Li:
This cat's fur is known to be a light brown/tan tabby pattern. This cat is a wild and self-domesticating cat. It came from the Chinese Mountains. It is a medium-sized cat with almond shaped eyes that are usually either green or yellow. They are very smart and loyal and love to play.

The Manx Cat:
This cat came from The Isle of Man, which is off the coast of England. They have only a small stub for a tail although some may not have a tail at all. They are long-haired and come in all colors and patterns. White Manx cats are rare though. The back legs are longer than the front legs. This cat is classified by its shortened tail. Some Manx cats may act like a dog on several occasions, for example, the may try to catch small things that are thrown torwards them.

There are much more cat breeds and much more to learn about them! I have

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